Greg DePaul
Applied Math Doctoral Student at UC Davis


University of California, Davis

Ph.D. Applied Mathematics

M.S. Statistics


Stanford University

M.S. Computational and Mathematical Engineering


University of Arizona

B.S. Computer Engineering

B.S. Double Major in Mathematics and Computer Science


Employment Summary

Pinterest Labs Research Intern

June 2021 - Sept 2022

Working on data science problems related to the new interest discovery system called Pincepts.

Software Engineer

August 2018 - September 2019

Powerpoint Data Analytics and Machine Learning Team. Worked in a variety of projects dealing with Text2Content features as well as aiding in the release of the new Rehearsal Coach feature.

Course Assistant

January 2017 - December 2017

Taught recitation, held office hours, and developed homework assignments for introductory engineering mathematics classes. (CME 100, CME 102).

Technical Intern

June 2017 - September 2017

Research Assistant for Data Analytics Department. Project focused on Machine Learning techniques and Computational linguistics for Information Extraction.

Engineering Summer Intern

June 2016 - September 2016

Worked with FIRST Engineering Department to develop technologies that will benefit robotics teams in order to compete for the 2017 FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC).

Software Developer Intern

May 2015 - August 2015

Collaborate with team of developers to produce an application for radiologists. Project dealt specifically with ASP.NET in order to produce a final web application.

Awards & Scholarships

Yueh-Jing Lin Fellowship

Spring 2021

Yueh-Jing (Jean) Lin and Chau-Hsiung (Mike) Chuang are alumni of UC Davis who met while they were graduate students on campus. This endowment provides scholarship support to one or more mathematics students each year who are high-achieving mathematics students, either undergraduate or graduate.

(Declined) GRIPS Fellowship Sponsored by the Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics (IPAM) at UCLA and the Advanced Institute for Materials Research (AIMR)

Winter 2020

Graduate-Level Research in Industrial Projects for Students (GRIPS) will offer gradgripsuate students in mathematics and related disciplines the opportunity to work on industry-sponsored research problems. Students from the U.S. and Germany will work on cross-cultural teams on three research problems designed by the industrial sponsor. The projects will be of serious interest to the sponsor and will offer a stimulating challenge to students; most will involve both analytic and computational work. At the end of the program, the teams will present the results of their work and prepare a final report. English is the only language required for participation.

I was sad to decline this opportunity. But COVID stopped travel and unfortunately I pursued more opportunies elsewhere.

Stanford Archeology and Engineering Fellowship

Spring 2018

Awarded to aspiring engineers who travel to support conservation efforts on the UNESCO World Heritage site of Chavin de Huantar, Peru.

Schlumberger Innovation Fellowship

Winter 2017

The Schlumberger Innovation Fellows program recognizes aspiring scholars in the fields of machine learning, deep learning, high performance computing, and 3D modeling and data visualization. The award was established to encourage scholarship and research in these emerging technology areas, which hold great promise across many industries to improve performance, lower costs, increase accuracy and provide new research and business insights.

Lusk Scholarship

Spring 2014

Awarded to students majoring in Mathematics that demonstrate academic merit, particularly in mathematics courses at the UA.

W. E. Lucille Barnum Scholarship

Spring 2014

Awarded to students majoring in Engineering that demonstrate academic merit to support and ensure those awarded success as students and practicing professionals.

Regents High Honors Tuition Scholarship

Spring 2012

Established by the Arizona Board of Regents to recognize Arizona high school students for outstanding academic achievements as demonstrated through high school courses and test scores (AIMS).

Past Projects and Research

Method and System of Providing Speech Rehearsal Assistance

Summer 2019

A method and system for speech rehearsal assistant during a presentation rehearsal includes receiving audio data from a speech rehearsal session over a network, receiving a transcript for the audio data, the transcript including a plurality of words spoken during the speech rehearsal session, calculating a real time speaking rate for the speech rehearsal session, determining if the speaking rate is within a threshold range, detecting utterance of a filler phrase or sound during the speech rehearsal session using at least in part a machine learning model trained for identifying filler phrases and sounds in a text, and upon determining the speaking rate falls outside the threshold range or detecting the utterance of the filler phrase or sound, enabling real time display of a notification on a display device. Read Patent

Machine Learning Model-based Content Processing Framework

Spring 2019

A textual user input is received and a plurality of different text-to-content models are run on the textual user input. A selection system attempts to identify a suggested content item, based upon the outputs of the text-to-content models. The selection system first attempts to generate a completed suggestion based on outputs from a single text-to-content model. It then attempts to mix the outputs of the text-to-content models to obtain a completed content suggestion. Read Patent

Archaeoacoustics Fieldwork for Aural Heritage Conservation Collaborative Distributed Sound-Sensing at Chavín de Huántar, Perú

Summer 2018

While working in an archeological site, I was given the opportunity to help aide in Archeo-accoustic research. Lot of fun! Read Paper

Developing Remote Sensing Modules for Time-Sequencing Data

Summer 2018

Spent the summer working in an archeological site, developing remote sensing modules which are used to gather valuable data for archeological conservation. Read Paper


Spring 2018

Supervised by Michael Saunders, Stephanie Sanchez and I worked to develop industry level code for Saunder's Modified USYMQR Algorithm for Julia. Read Paper

Predicting Education Opportunity using Machine Learning

Spring 2018

We set out to build a model that, given satellite imagery and structured covariate data, is able to provide a reasonable estimate of the performance of a school district. Read Paper

Reimaging Shallow Structure

Fall 2016

We perform smoothing over the raw velocity spectrum data, and then apply methods of unsupervised classification to emphasize features of nonuniformity. We then create a heuristic-driven graphical overlay for accelerating subsurface fault-line/mineral deposit identification based on reflection seismology. Read Paper

Software Engineering Capstone - Human Interactable Table

Spring 2016

Implement an LED grid on top of your everyday coffee table. This grid is reconfigurable through a Bluetooth connected android device. Read Paper See Video

Huffman Code

Spring 2016

Create an implementation of Huffman Encoding for an arbitrary subset of ASCII characters. This implementation makes explicit use of data structures to ease processing. Read Paper Download Code

Honors Thesis - General Usage Remote Sensing Module

Fall 2015

My team was given the task of design a data acquisition module that is both versatile in its ability to collect different sensory data by alternating sensor units, while also being portable, particularly capable of fitting within the average pocket. The final module is also cost effective, estimated to cost a mere twenty US dollars in order produce a single module. Read Paper

Parallel and Distributed Programming Final Project

Spring 2015

Developed a simple, collaborative editor in Java, using the command design pattern, that provided users the ability to edit the same document simultaneously. Download Code

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